What Do we do

Tembusu Lab is a tech company with a vast experience in different aspects of technology. We currently serve a range of clients specialising in telecommunications business.

Extensive Network of Operators

With 8 years of experience in the technology and telecommunications industry, Tembusu Lab has built an extensive network of operators globally

Proven Track

We have a successful track record of high quality and clear voice calls

Established Leader in the Industry

Our company's management is made up of people who is well known and established in the Industry.

Customer First

Our customer's trust and satisfaction is of top priority. Our team work endlessly to make sure quality is not compromised

Custom Curated Experience

We know that every business is different. Which is why Tembusu Lab promises a custom experience for all our clients


We guarantee that your experience with us will be a pleasant one. We will do our best to ensure that you receive the best possible treatment.

GIC is fast growing voice wholesale company in the region.

We are providing termination service for our direct interconnected mobile operators and major Telecom customers. Covering direct termination for Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Philippines and more.

Full support for popular protocols like SIP, H.323 and even traditional TDM interconnectivity.
One-key Dialing
Outbound dialing function saves agents’ time and improves communication efficiency.

Inbound Notice
PC will display inbound calls with information on customer name and related business history.

Voice Calling
Voice calling support unlimited concurrent calls, and the system improves voice quality via technical solutions.

Outbound Task
Supervisor import customer data and distribute task based on agent’s ability. Agents can set up task list which automatically dials the next customer once the previous one is finished.
Need to effectively market your business, products and services?

Take a look at our hassle-free and pay as you use sms & voice broadcast messaging  services.

Fully web-based, intuitive and simple, that focus on empowering you to deliver the essences of your marketing niche to your customer.

Targeting the enterprise segment of the SMS business where margin is higher and also help us build up an organic base. Wide industry coverage such as educational instituitions to F&B industry

First will be focusing on aggregating local business (A2P) SMS and will expand to call on enterprises with regional coverage
IPLC Service provides customers with dedicated pure Layer 1 international data bandwidth for delivering real-time and mission-critical applications including data, voice and video.

We are providing multiple bandwidth IPLC from 45M to 10G covering Asia Key countries including Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Hong Kong.

Our customized Data Center service can satisfy various requirements including space, IP transit and local license.
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